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PT. Aneka Teknik Perkakas

PT. Aneka Teknik Perkakas established on August 22, 2018 was a step forward of UD. Toolsmart that was established on March 13, 2014. The establishment of PT. Aneka Teknik Perkakas as an answer to the needs of the industrial market regarding products of Engineering tools, Building materials, electrical tools, quality bolts at high competitive prices and able to follow government regulations appropriately. Still with an expanded concept from Toolsmart, which is a supermarket with a very broad range of goods. At present we have served the palm oil industry, plantations and rubber factories, the mining sector, the shipping sector, workshops, retail supermarkets, building and infrastructure contractors, and retail consumers from various types of related industries. Currently PT. Aneka Teknik Perkakas has around 30,000 types of goods and will continue to grow in line with the development of industrial needs around East Kalimantan. The range of goods provided by PT. Aneka Teknik Perkakas are very diverse, ranging from work equipment (Tools and Hardware), welding equipment and equipment (welding equipment & tools), machinery (Machinery), electrical equipment and equipment (electrical equipment), various types of bolts (bolts and nuts ), safety equipment (safety tools and equipment), building materials, equipment and equipment for water installation (plumbing equipment) and much more.